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Live Captions by is making waves in the world of communication technology. This innovative AI-based live captioning service offers a real-time, cost-effective solution for providing captions during meetings and conferences. With its ability to provide on-the-spot transcriptions of spoken words, Live Captions is revolutionizing the way people communicate. The service is designed to improve accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, but it also benefits all attendees by making communication clearer and more effective.

Live Captions by utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize and transcribe spoken words in real-time. This means that captions appear on the screen as the speaker is speaking, allowing attendees to read along and follow the conversation without missing anything. With the ability to integrate with various conferencing platforms, Live Captions makes communication more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Live Captions by and explore how this AI-based live captioning service is changing the game for meetings and conferences. We will examine its features and benefits, evaluate its effectiveness, and discuss how it can improve communication for those with hearing impairments and all conference attendees. So, sit back, relax, and join us as we dive into the world of Live Captions.

Top FAQ on Live Captions

1. What is Live Captions?

Ans: Live Captions is an AI-based live captioning service provided by that provides captions in real-time during meetings and conferences.

2. How does Live Captions work?

Ans: Live Captions uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to transcribe speech and convert it into text in real-time.

3. Can Live Captions be used for both online and offline events?

Ans: Yes, Live Captions can be used for both online and offline events, providing real-time captions for any kind of event or meeting.

4. Is Live Captions a cost-effective solution?

Ans: Yes, Live Captions is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for human transcriptionists, saving costs without compromising on accuracy levels.

5. What are the benefits of using Live Captions?

Ans: The benefits of using Live Captions include increased accessibility for Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, improved comprehension, and greater inclusion.

6. Does Live Captions work in multiple languages?

Ans: Yes, Live Captions services are available in multiple languages based on the customer's requirements.

7. How accurate is Live Captions?

Ans: Live Captions delivers high accuracy levels, with an error rate of less than 5%.

8. Do I need special equipment to use Live Captions?

Ans: No, you do not need any special equipment to use Live Captions. All you need is a device with an internet connection to access the application.

9. Can Live Captions be customized according to my event's requirements?

Ans: Yes, Live Captions can be fully customized to meet your event's specific requirements and needs.

10. How do I avail Live Captions services for my event?

Ans: You can avail of Live Captions services by visiting the website and getting in touch with their team to discuss your requirements.

11. Are there any alternatives to Live Captions?

Competitors Description
Verbit Provides real-time, interactive transcripts, captions, and translations for various content types, including live events, webinars, and meetings.
Captionmax Offers live captioning solutions for broadcasts, webcasts, conferences, and other events, with options for various platforms and languages.
Captioned Provides a web-based captioning platform that integrates with various video conferencing tools and allows users to edit and customize captions in real-time.
Ai-Media Offers live captioning, transcription, and translation services for events, webinars, broadcasts, and other content types, with support for multiple languages and formats.

Pros and Cons of Live Captions


  • Provides real-time captions, making it easier for individuals with hearing impairments to participate in meetings and conferences
  • Cost-effective solution compared to hiring a professional captionist
  • Can be accessed remotely, allowing individuals to participate in meetings and conferences from any location
  • Reduces the need for note-taking during meetings, allowing participants to fully engage in the discussion
  • Improves accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace or event space
  • AI-based technology can learn and improve over time, providing higher accuracy and better captions with continued use.


  • Limited accuracy: AI-based live captioning services may not always be able to accurately capture and transcribe the spoken words, leading to errors in the captions.
  • Reliance on technology: The service requires reliable internet connectivity and functioning technology for both the speaker and the audience.
  • Accessibility issues: Live captions may not work well for individuals with hearing impairments who rely on sign language or other accommodations.
  • Potential distractions: Live captions can be distracting for some audience members who may focus more on the text than on the speaker or presentation materials.
  • Need for additional setup: The service may require additional setup and testing time prior to the event, which can be inconvenient for organizers and speakers.

Things You Didn't Know About Live Captions

Live Captions is an AI-based live captioning service offered by that provides real-time, cost-effective solutions for providing captions during meetings and conferences. In today's digital age, accessibility has become a top priority, and the need for live captioning services is on the rise.

One of the main advantages of Live Captions is its ability to provide real-time captions automatically. This feature eliminates the need for human transcribers, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, the service uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to transcribe and display captions instantly.

Furthermore, Live Captions are highly accurate, thanks to the advanced AI technology in use. The system recognizes accents and dialects, making it an ideal solution for events with multinational attendees. The captions displayed are also customizable, allowing users to adjust the font size and color, language, and other preferences.

Another significant advantage of Live Captions is its cost-effectiveness. Hiring human transcribers can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for lengthy events. On the other hand, Live Captions provides a budget-friendly option for businesses and organizations looking to make their events more accessible to people with hearing disabilities.

Live Captions are compatible with various platforms and can be easily integrated into virtual meetings, webinars, and live events. The service can transcribe audio or video content in real-time, making it ideal for different types of events.

In conclusion, Live Captions is a real-time, cost-effective solution for providing captions during meetings and conferences. Its advanced AI technology, accuracy, and affordability make it a valuable asset for businesses and organizations looking to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in their events.