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  • Travel suitcase restoration. Found 20 000 ? under a secret bottom.

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Alta AI is a revolutionary mobile app design tool that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the app creation process. Designed to eliminate the need for coding or a deep understanding of mobile app design, Alta offers users an intuitive and straightforward experience. As an AI-driven platform, Alta provides a free template maker that allows users to generate images, text, and app screens in real-time without the need for any credit card information. This powerful tool enables users to create professional-looking mobile app templates with ease, significantly reducing the time and effort required to develop a custom app. With Alta AI's user-friendly interface, designers and developers alike can now rapidly create stunning apps, test their functionality and refine their designs to ensure their success in today's highly competitive mobile app market.

Top FAQ on Alta

1. What is Alta AI?

Alta AI is an AI-driven mobile app design tool that allows users to create mobile app templates.

2. How does Alta AI work?

Alta AI uses Artificial Intelligence to generate images, text, and app screens in real-time without requiring any credit card information.

3. What features does Alta AI offer?

Alta AI provides free app template maker services that allow users to create mobile apps quickly and easily.

4. Is Alta AI suitable for beginners?

Yes, Alta AI is designed to provide a user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for beginners.

5. How can I access Alta AI's templates?

Users can access Alta AI's templates by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.

6. Does Alta AI require coding experience?

No, Alta AI does not require any coding experience as it generates all the app screens automatically.

7. Can I customize my app templates using Alta AI?

Yes, users can customize their app templates with their brand colors, logos, and other design elements.

8. How much does Alta AI cost?

Alta AI's template maker is completely free to use, and no credit card information is needed.

9. can I use Alta AI to create apps for iOS and Android?

Yes, Alta AI supports both iOS and Android platforms.

10. Is Alta AI secure?

Yes, Alta AI follows industry-standard security measures to ensure the protection of user data.

11. Are there any alternatives to Alta?

Competitor Description Key Features
Figma Figma is a cloud-based design tool that enables teams to collaborate on app and web designs in real-time. It offers features such as vector networks, live device preview, and built-in prototyping to help create and test designs more efficiently. Vector networks, real-time collaboration, built-in prototyping, live device preview, component libraries, team collaboration, commenting features, auto layout, design versioning, design systems
Sketch Sketch is a Mac-only design tool that offers a range of features for designing mobile apps, websites, and digital products. It includes features such as artboards, symbols, and design templates to help streamline the design process. Artboards, design templates, symbols, vector editing tools, text styles, UI elements, cloud storage, collaboration, plugins, prototyping
Adobe XD Adobe XD is a design tool that enables designers to create and prototype websites and mobile apps. It includes features such as design systems, interactive prototypes, and collaboration tools. Design systems, interactive prototypes, collaboration features, responsive resizing, design tokens, UI kits, cloud storage, voice-activated prototyping, asset export, repeat grid
InVision Studio InVision Studio is a design tool that allows users to create interactive designs for websites and mobile apps. It includes features such as vector editing, animation tools, and design libraries. Vector editing, animation tools, design libraries, responsive scaling, motion presets, auto-adaptive layouts, real-time collaboration, prototyping, design system manager, comment features is a cloud-based design tool that enables users to create interactive prototypes for mobile apps and websites without coding. It includes features such as drag-and-drop interface and design templates. Design templates, drag-and-drop interface, responsive design, offline mode, collaboration, device previews, user feedback tools, design components, custom animations
Marvel Marvel is a web-based design platform that allows users to create and test interactive prototypes for mobile apps and websites. It includes features such as real-time collaboration, design templates, and built-in feedback tools. Design templates, real-time collaboration, built-in feedback tools, user testing, design systems, team management, commenting features

Pros and Cons of Alta


  • Saves time and effort in designing app templates
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • AI-powered technology provides accurate and relevant design suggestions
  • Real-time generation of images, text, and app screens for immediate use
  • No need for credit card information to use the free AI template maker.


  • Limited customization options for app templates
  • Lack of control over the app design process
  • Possible lack of uniqueness in app design due to reliance on AI templates
  • No ability to integrate custom code or features into the app
  • Dependence on the stability and accuracy of AI technology
  • Possible security concerns with storing app design data on a third-party server.

Things You Didn't Know About Alta

Alta AI is a mobile app design tool that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to empower users in creating custom, high-quality mobile app templates with unmatched ease and speed. This app design platform is designed to simplify the app-building process by facilitating the creation of app screens, images, and text in real-time. Unlike most other design platforms, Alta AI does not require users to input credit card information to use its free AI template maker. As such, it is an ideal tool for designers, developers, and app enthusiasts who wish to save time and resources while creating innovative and captivating mobile apps. Overall, Alta AI is a powerful, user-friendly, and effective app design tool that can produce stellar results in no time.